121: a quick solution for any problem!

A platform that connects to a quick help for any question that bothers you.


1 | Since the most complex to the easiest, we all have our pains: love, kids, career, among others.

2 | In an increasingly connected world, social isolation grows and it is not always possible to have someone with all the knowledge around to solve a problem.

3 | On one hand people with experience, on the other those who are just starting out. In a practical way, the platform satisfies the need for connection between people form different experiences and opinions.

4 | In a world of diverse interests, empathy, knowledge sharing and collaborative work can lead to better solutions.

People looking for a quick and assertive solution for problems of any kind. People looking for share experience and help others to have an easier life.

Personas | users of the app | Emotional problems

“My behavior sometimes takes me to bad situations, I want people to get to know my soul and respect my freedom. I seek knowledge to improve myself. “

Opportunities: Feeling of membership

- Post accessibility limit settings
- Gamification connection tools
- Post closing mechanism, follow-up

Personas | app users | Family problems

“I would like to have more time, I like everything in order. I charge myself for perfection in all the things I do, especially in relation to my greater responsibility that is being a mom”.

Opportunities: Have control

- Advanced settings to choose experts
- Option to add people to her personal network
- Expert content recommendation

Personas | app users | Professional problems

“I like to be the smartest. I am restricted in my friendships, but I like to share knowledge with people who are at a higher level of discussion ”.

Opportunities: Trust

- Show processing, search by experts
- Profile with awards, show expertise
- Option to select experts

The personas tool helped to realize that in order to bring trust we have to make people confortable to open up about their problems. The app must give them control to configure who has access to the question.

According to these information the artificial intelligence system will tag your needs and send invitations to people who can help you with the best solutions.

By using gamification ranking tools the community itself will classify people as “the one who does the best questions” or “the clever one who always have the best ideas to solve issues”. The challenge will make the use of the app often, not only when they have a big problem.

People may post as anonymous, so the suspense helps to create a drama: “Some guy from my network posted he is cheating on her wife!
I have to follow his story!”.

In a dynamic world communicate the solution quickly it’s important.

You can connect to 121 for free, share your problems through a video, text or audio messages and have the best solutions from experts.

Your video or audio message must last up to 121 seconds (1 minute and a half) and your text up to 121 words. The ephemeris will also help to maintain the archive lighter as soon as your posts will be kept for only 121 days.
Yes, the magic of the number 121 it’s also important.

We started our project by making deep benchmark research on how is the user experience on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, reddit, instagram, etc.

We identify good, bad and interesting experiences they have by using them. Also identified the mental model we will have to consider when designing the 121 app.

Some screens from the benchmark research

The first architecture sketch was a very simple low fidelity post it prototype. It helped to make the challenge clear and start figuring out our next steps.

Low fidelity paper prototype

First we decided to check how the users might organized the different sections of the app on a remote (thanks to covid) open card sorting.

It was interesting to learn that different from our first guess users grouped all the problem on a dashboard, and also recommended a Help section for all the feedbacks. With this information on our minds we started to check how all the parameters worked on a step by step wireframe.

The design process was an “infinite circle” of diverge and converge into new solutions and possibilities of interaction.

We planned the future of the app.

With the establishment of a user base, the financial sustainability of the system will be implemented through sponsorships for solutions that the app will suggest (users will have information about the sponsorship).

Actually any person will have the possibility to charge for an answer according to its popularity and ranking at the app. The plan is making posible to contacted famous experts to solve any issue: famous football players, renowned scientists, psychologists who wrote books, etc.


The interaction model we used is based on horizontal scroll for discovering new posts and vertical scroll for answer and interact on a singular problem. Setting your expertises before using the app will help the AI system to have information to start tagging you according to themes.

The interaction was validated on a mid-fidelity digital prototype that was tested with users. The feedbacks we received are being considered on the nex steps of the project.

Mid-fidelity digital prototype


121 is all about a one to one conversation between people.

We designer our logo combining two message balloons that also are recognized as the faces of 2 people coming together.

In the middle of this connection stands 121 linking both people and their experiences.

The style is minimal and modern in order to pass the message clearly and also highlight our palette that plays an important role on terms of style and function.


Color codes my problem and others people problems.

My problems are identified by red, the color of who feels anxious and nervous about a problem.

Posts to help will be blue, where I will have to provide a relief. The main color for sure will be blue because the app must show at the same time that is modern, trustable, caring and inviting.

Ombre effect comes to bring the idea of progressive clarity and fade of problems into solutions.


Following the aesthetic of the brand, we will use roboto, a friendly font that is easy to ready even on the light version. The minimalism brings the modern and young effect we would like the 121 brand to transmit.


At the moment we are using material design set of icons, as a continuous improvement project, that’s a big room to play on minimal icons with the same visual directions as we used for the logo and buttons. More to come.


The ended up this stage of the project sketching the first screens of the UI.

The division between the first screen communicates well the idea of a dark side (problem) and a light side (when you feel happy to speak out and have feedback from others). Also the color strategy seems to work well.

That is still a lot to work, please follow the next updates.